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About the Many Hats Institute

Founded in 1999, the Many Hats Institute (MHI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to improving the condition for children and youth. MHI takes advantage of the many hats that people wear or have the potential to wear. The strategy of the institute is to leverage time, talent, and resources from the “Many Hatters” from around the world. The ultimate objective is empowerment – empowerment of youth, and empowerment of people who want to help youth, as quickly as possible in as many places as possible. MHI is operated by committed volunteers operating remotely.  


For years, the Many Hats Institute relied on collecting donations by checks, or through costly fundraising software, Network for Good. The core source of revenue for MHI is fundraising events. Dependent on the season, and the availability of volunteers, months may go by when MHI is not throwing events and actively fundraising. Paying a significant subscription fee for fundraising software – with all sorts of cumbersome features – did not make sense for the organization. The Many Hats Institute posed their dilemma to Karelane.

Karelane Solution

Karelane offered a sensible solution. Karelane built a custom donation page – for desktop and mobile – that links directly to the Many Hats Institute website. MHI prefers simplicity and privacy for their donors, so they opted to stick with the basics: a donate button, a form for donors to fill out their contact and payment info, and automatic charitable donation receipts.

MHI also grappled with how to promote their fundraising events and sell tickets in an organized, and aesthetically pleasing fashion. Karelane created a branded event page for their upcoming “Polo for Kids” event, where supporters can purchase tickets, sponsorships, and view imperative event details.

MHI pays no upfront costs. Karelane only receives a very nominal percent of each donation. If MHI is not collecting donations, Karelane does not charge a payment. MHI can rest easy knowing that more of each donation is going to youth programs, and not to a corporate fundraising business.

“The Karelane model is transparent. Our former fundraising platform did not provide value due to the high subscription cost and unnecessary, unhelpful features. Karelane offers seamless donations, the integrations are easy, and we can engage our users more effectively and efficiently, ultimately leading to more donations.”

Fabian K.

Co-Founder, Many Hats Institute 

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