Crowdfunding & Crowd-caring.

Raise money and organize help for a struggling friend, loved one, or cause, together.

Asking for help is hard. Suffering in isolation is common. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Karelane is the all-in-one platform that helps you organize care – as a group. 

Raise funds. Assign tasks and responsibilities. Chat and solve problems as a team. Support your friend or loved one today.

Start a Group

How Karelane Works

Everything starts with setting up a Group.

Groups can be one-dimensional, such as a fundraiser, or multi-dimensional with many actions, for example a fundraiser and an assortment of tasks and events.

Karelane’s dashboards display all activities so that the Group can capture and measure the impact they’re creating, in real time.

We make it easy to give and receive help. Whether you’re a beneficiary or supporter, being part of a community makes all the difference.

It takes one person to get the ball rolling! Is that going to be you?


Start Your Group

  • Create a Group for yourself, someone else, or a cause.

  • Tell the story, needs, and set an optional fundraising goal.

  • Make the group public or
    keep it private.


Share Your Group

  • Invite people to
    your group.

  • Share the Group via
    social media, email or text.

  • Expand your group as
    needs grow.

group-6 (1)

Manage Your Group

  • Send updates or chat with
    your community.

  • Continuously add tasks and new events.  
  • Track your group activity and progress.

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Friends, Family &

Help a friend or family member who is facing hardship or illness.
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Organizers & Volunteers

Organize a project or support a cause in your city or neighborhood.

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Unforeseen Emergencies

Announce a new challenging situation, and articulate immediate needs.


New Parents

Let others know how they  can support.


Raise funds for a cause or person in need.

Our Values


No Data

Personal Info
is Sacred


User Control

Karelane in Action

Ready To Make A Difference?

Engage Your Community

Turn your intentions into actions and see your impact.

Chat With
Group Members

Set Up
Group Actions

Add a Task
or Fundraiser

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Our Story

“What do you do when a close friend gets diagnosed with cancer? This is the hard reality my friends and I were faced with.”

Understandably, our whole community was shocked. Unsure how to respond to the situation.

Everyone was motivated and full of empathy and goodwill. Yet, no one knew how to turn this collective goodwill into action.

That all changed when one person set up a WhatsApp group and a crowd fundraiser. Within one week, our community raised over US$120,000. Yet, the effort was chaotic and inefficient. Our group discovered dozens of other tasks, both monetary and time-based. They needed attention but were not fulfilled, largely because they were not communicated. There were plenty of people, goodwill, and resources.

This was the moment I realized there was a need for a tech solution to help organize in times of chaos. It was then that I started conceptualizing Karelane. Millions around the world, maybe you or a friend, are in a similar situation. Faced with a life-altering circumstance.

Karelane aims to help you help others.

— Christian C., Founder 

Ready To Make A Difference?

Frequently Asked Questions

Karelane is the all-in-one platform that helps you raise funds and organize non-monetary care, together. Create a Group. Invite your network. List your needs and desires. Chat and solve problems as a team. Provide updates. Broadcast urgent or non-urgent requests.

Like others, we have also been confronted with a family member or friend going through hardship. We never quite knew what to do, or how to respond. And while sending chocolates and flowers seemed like a nice gesture, it didn’t seem particularly helpful. 

We looked for a community mobilization platform but couldn’t find anything we liked, so we developed our own from scratch.

We have spent two years designing and architecting Karelane. We have spoken to hundreds of patients, medical professionals, caregivers and even a few behavioral scientists to build a platform that can make a real impact. 

Try it out and let us know what you think. And if you think we are missing features, let us know and our development team will look into it (please email us at

And here is an interesting fact: research shows that individuals with strong support groups have higher chances of surviving a serious illness than those without!

We really don’t like platforms that monetize on personal information, so we promise to never sell your data, protect your privacy and maintain the highest security standards.

Your Group is the central hub where everything happens. Spend time there. Interact with others. See and feel the real impact you’re creating.

Private Groups are closed groups that are only visible to invited members. They aren’t publicly displayed. You will need a code to access a Private Group, which is automatically generated by the Group mobilizer. 

You can join a Private Group in your Menu where you will be asked to enter a code. The organizer will then approve your access. 

Public Groups are open groups that are publicly displayed. Anyone can request access and participate in a Public Group. You want to set up a Public Group if you are organizing an effort that allows for the wider community to participate.

Please try to login using a different address.  Or request to have your password reset. You will not be able to request a password for an email address you didn’t already use, as the platform only recognizes email addresses that have been registered.

Visit the login page and click on “Forgot your password?” We will send you an email with a temporary password. After you login with the temporary password, our screens will guide you through the password change process.

Visit the Menu screen and click on your photo on the left top corner. This will take you to your profile where you can make any changes, including hiding or displaying your email address. 

Within these settings (which you will see in the Profile Tab), you can also control what Notifications you want to receive.

If you have not been invited to a Private Group by the organizer, you will not be able to see it. To access Private Group with a code, go to your Menu and click Join Private Group and then enter the six-digit code that you have received. Click on Join to request access to the Group. The Group organizer will then grant you access.

Actions are actionable items that sit within a Kare group. You are able to create three types of Actions: Tasks (for example, pick up groceries for a relative); Events (organize a dinner or movie night); Fundraiser (raise money for a friend who needs monetary support). 

Only group organizers and admins can set up Actions. You can add an Action in the Actions tab.

We are not perfect and there may be a missing feature (and even an occasional tech bug). But we are on a mission to build strong and caring communities. Our team is keen to learn from you to improve, amend and add tools to help you better manage caregiving.

Please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. We would also love to hear how Karelane has helped you, so share your success stories too.

Email us at and we promise to get back to you.

Please email us at and will address your concerns and requests right away. 

If you need to delete your account for any reason, email us and we will take care of it. We would truly be devastated to see you go unless it’s because you have successfully completed a caregiving endeavor.

Karelane is free to use. We are trying out a totally new business model but need your support to make it work.  

We will not monetize on your data or advertise on the platform. We only ask you to tip us (similarly to when you tip your barista or waiter) when you make a donation on Karelane’s fundraising feature. This allows us to manage our overhead. 

Please also tell  your friends about Karelane so that we can serve you for a long time to come.

Karelane is almost ready.

Don’t miss your best opportunity to help a friend or loved one in need.

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